Bob Grant Review (the Author)

So who is this guy who claims he can help us women!?

Alright, that was a little too mean. lol.
I’m always skeptical of the supposed ‘relationship guru’ type characters who claim they know how to give you the perfect happy relationships. I’m much more skeptical of MEN who claim they can tell WOMEN how to be ‘better’.

Anyway, I looked up this guy’s credentials with a healthy level of skepticism. Most of the guys who teach/suggest stuff online are typically experts in their own minds with no real world experience or standing at all. I was pretty surprised to find that Bob Grant has been a counselor for over 16 years. That’s a good start lol 😀

The first thing I noticed is that he actually speaks/writes in a very professional language, but at the same time maintains a very casual tone – which again is a sign of someone who’s read up on all the theory but has also dealt with countless real world cases.

torrent wall street forex robot He also right away debunks one of the most common, pervasive and disgusting LIES out there – that you need to ‘be great in the bed’ for a man to like you enough to marry you. Simple common sense shows that’s dumb – people in previous generations typically married young, and when they were virgins. We’ve become more promiscuous as a culture and we have far more failed relationships now. So the line that most of the trashy magazines sell us women is an outright lie.

The reality is that most men are naturally hard wired to cherish, protect, provide and care for the woman they love. The key is to invoke that desire/emotion appropriately in the right man. That’s what Bob focuses on and I found the whole book thoroughly enjoyable and full of common sense that is wildly uncommon anymore.

All in all, I think Bob Grant is a legit counselor whose ‘The Woman Men Adore’ can be a great help to most women especially today when we have limited guidance and tons of lies coming at us from the mass media about what it takes to have a good, loving and successful relationship.

> Continue To Bob’s Site To Purchase ‘The Woman Men Adore’


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