Woman Men Adore Review By A REAL Woman

The Woman Men Adore Review

The sheer amount of ebooks and products out there to help men understand women is staggering. I have gone through dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of these, some leaving me impressed, others leaving me depressed, and most leaving me laughing. But this was one of the rare ebooks I found that focuses on the other side of the issue, and teaches women about what men are looking for in a mate, and how to get, or create, the perfect relationship.Woman Men Adore Review

It sounds dubious at best, and I was convinced before I even opened the file that I would find a lot of nonsense written by a man who was working to manipulate things from the male perspective. But I was surprised by the information laid out by Bob Grant, and how much of it was common sense often ignored.

Purchasing The Program

As an ebook available at www.thewomanmenadore.net, you don’t get a tangible product in the mail when you buy The Woman Men Adore. Instead, you go to the main page to purchase the rights to the ebook, which is then given to you as a file immediately upon finishing payment. You can either download this to view, or you can keep it as a bookmark. It is presented in an easy to read PDF format, and you can pay for it using any major credit card, or PayPal for increased security.

My First Read Through

The Woman Men Adore focuses on a few major points that often create problems between men and women:

  1. Understanding what men are thinking and feeling.
  2. Understanding what men are looking for in a woman.
  3. Learning to use what a man is wanting to the advantage of the woman.

Woman Men Adore Review by a womanIt does not bother to smooth any ruffled feathers, and deals with the problem directly, and simply. Some women may find themselves slightly offended, but it doesn’t make the information any less true. At first I was a little taken aback at the lack of ‘finesse’ in delivering the truth, but as I continued reading through it, I came to appreciate the honesty and straightforward applications covered in here.

There is a quite a bit that the females of the species do that annoy men like crazy, mainly because they can’t understand why we do it. Likewise, women don’t understand why men react to things the way they do. The Woman Men Adore doesn’t try to solve those mysteries, but instead offers solutions for getting past them, and puts the power of a relationship right back into the hands of the women.

Detailed Thoughts

I knew immediately upon reading this that it was different than most so-called ‘relationship ebooks’, and it is a good thing. With so many littering the pages of the Internet it takes something special to really catch the consumers attention at this point. It is the easy-going approach, common sense tips, and great information that makes The Woman Men Adore different.

Natural Balance Cat Food Expert Roundup 2017 But it isn’t some kind of a miracle ebook, and it won’t magically give the woman the upper hand in the relationship. It isn’t about control, it is just about pointing out what women do and don’t do, and correcting behavior. The guidance can be easily incorporated into any relationship, or used to help attract and build a new one. It is all helpful, but certainly not a mind-control device. If you’re someone looking to gain an upper hand and ‘control’ your husband or boyfriend into pleasing you then you’re better off looking for some drugs to mix in his drinks.

But if you’re an honest woman looking for some guidance on how to establish a truly loving relationship with a man, then this book is definitely one of your best bets.

Key Observations:

Pros -

  • There are plenty of easy to follow tips and information.
  • It is entertaining to read.
  • The cost is low.
  • You get immediate access to the ebook.
  • They take PayPal.
  • You get a 15 minute phone consultation with the author, Bob Grant, for free.
  • There is an eight week money back guarantee.
  • The customer support is exceptional and if you have specific questions, Bob will get back to you personally with answers :)

Cons -

  • Some of the information is offensive, but only in an embarrassing, and true, sort of way.
  • The information can get a little redundant in places. But the author does not that he repeats it simple because some of the key points are too important to ignore.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10 – The consultation and actual responses you receive from Bob make this an excellent purchase. Of the many books I’ve read, programs I’ve seen and articles I’ve looked at ‘The Woman Men Adore and Never Want To Leave’ is by far the most comprehensive and the most to-the-point. If they had a little better marketing, I have no doubt they could easily end up on some major TV network/show.

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